Small groups are the life of our church and the key to our growth as individuals. Our hope is that you’ll make friends and have a context to gather with a few others weekly for encouragement and mutual help as you seek to know and follow Jesus.

Small groups will meet weekly across the New River Valley. Each group will meet for about 2 hours.  We know people are busy, so our groups will make sure to start and end on time.

Our small group gatherings usually begins with refreshments and socializing, followed by a discussion focused on life application of the Bible.  We read out of the English Standard Version (ESV), so If you don’t have an ESV translation of the Bible we would be happy to provide one for you.  If you’re visiting a small group, you’ll find that you can participate in the discussion as much or as little as you’d like with any amount of Bible familiarity. Groups end the evening by taking some time to pray.

Our groups will begin in August.  We look forward to having you join one!

Sam Wiersma
Sam Wiersma

Sam leads a small group for College Students and Young Professionals on Tuesday night. Shoot him a text if you’re interested in coming!

19 August, 2020 in  Tuesday